Thursday, November 18, 2010


tkprof ora_12345.trc output.txt explain=scott/tiger

The statements between brackets are optional. Their meaning is:
explain=username/password: show an executionplan.
table= schema.tabelnaam : use this table for explain plan
print=integer restrict the number of shown SQL-statements.
insert=bestandsnaam Show SQL-statements and data within SQL statements
sys = NO Don't show statements that are executed under the SYS-schema. Most of the times these are recursive SQL-statements that are less interesting.
Aggregate=NO Don't aggregate SQL-statments that are executed more than once.
sort= Sort the SQL-statements. The option is made up of 2 parts:
Prs Sorteer op parse-values
Exe Sorteer op executie-values
fch Sorteer op fetch-values

Part 2:
Cnt Sort on number of calls
Cpu Sort on CPU-usage
Ela Sort on elapsed time
Dsk Sort on disk-reads
Qry Sort on consistent reads
Cu Sort on current reads
Mis Sort on library cache misses
row Sort on number of processed rows

sort=(prsela,exeela,fchela) (VAX VMS) sort = ‘(prsela,exeela,fchela)’ (UNIX) Sort on elapsed parse time, elapsed executed time and elapsed fetch-time.

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